We would like to thank you for using GoGoStat services. We have been running GoGoStat services for over 5 years now, and unfortunately we haven’t seen as much user uptake as we have expected. Hence we have decided to shut down the GoGoStat platform and all its services effective June 1st 2014. All corresponding user info related to GoGoStat will be systematically deleted within the next 6 months. Our R&D team is looking to redesign GoGoStat family of products from the ground up and we will be releasing more exciting services in the future. We thank you for your loyalty thus far.


What will happen to my personal data?

All your personal data will be systematically deleted over the period of next 6 months from all GoGoStat servers.

I get a copy of my data?

Unfortunately the data in GoGoStat is not stored in exportable formats and hence will not be available for users to download.

If you restore any GoGoStat services, will you use my current data?

No. All current user data will be scheduled to removal effective immediately after the service is shutdown.

What will happen to the permissions to social apps that we have given to GoGoStat services?

Since all GoGoStat services are being shutdown, these permissions cannot be used anymore, as they are tied to GoGoStat platform and its services only. However, we strongly encourage you to log into your social networks and turn off all permissions that you granted to GoGoStat services.

Please contact our support team at support@gogostat.com for any questions or concerns.